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Gaming on a Mac in 2019?

Gaming on Mac is not a topic of concern as most users of macOS are related to content creation, and the hardware is high end but it’s not built with gaming in mind. Moreover, they cost 2 to 3 times more as compared to the same powerful gaming pc hardware.

To be honest, Mac hardware is not optimised for gaming and the market share gap between windows and macOS is huge. On the hand iOS is performing much better in gaming category as compared to macOS.

Apple Computers Specifications and Pricing

Although Apple products have top-notch software, hardware build quality and customer support but these computers are never seen in the gaming spotlight. Apple computers are divided into three categories, MacBooks, iMac and Macs.

Most of the budget MacBooks come with only Intel integrated GPU which is not considered good for gaming needs. And spending 1500 to 2000$ on a MacBook, although they have unprecedented build quality, is not so practical. You can build a much better windows gaming machine in 1500$, prebuilt or custom built with dedicated GPU. This is because Mac computers are designed solely for one Goal. they are targeting content creators or developers who never consider gaming as first priority. Moreover these people dont care whether their computer can run games or not as productivty is their preffered thingy.

Steam Library

Another reason why buying a Mac for gaming is counter-intuitive is because not many games are available for macOS. Steam, the go-to PC gaming platform, has been available on Mac for years at this point. But, as readers are likely aware, the vast majority of games on it are Windows-only. Looking specifically at the macOS games filter that Steam provides reveals a lot of small titles and new content highlights instead of new, popular games.

If we take a look at the Steam Store, there are currently about 19000 games available for Apple’s operating system. This may not seem that bad, but keep in mind that there are over 55000 Steam games available for Windows and that developers are much more inclined to develop for Windows than they are for macOS. However, it does still have a larger library than Linux, despite the rising popularity of Valve’s Linux-based SteamOS.

External eGPU for macbooks

Apple’s macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 now supports external GPUs over Thunderbolt 3. Owing to this, a Mac owner with Thunderbolt 3 can buy an external enclosure, and drop in a graphics card that can be upgraded over time. 

This comes at a pretty sleek price premium, though. With enclosures generally around $300, and a card with any heft hitting $300 and increasing dramatically, doing so is a non-trivial expense in addition to the computer itself. Plus, without hacks, Nvidia card support is non-existent.

BootCamp to install Windows on a Mac is workable, but eGPU support in BootCamp doesn’t exist without workarounds right now. So, given Apple’s GPU choices, it isn’t a great one.


In short, Macs are not good for gaming. But there performance is much better for things they are made. Gaming is not their main thing.

If you’re casual gamer, you can try some games on your mac or macbook. But if you’re looking for superior peformance, you must consider buying a windows machine. Rest assured, A custom pc will offer much better performce as compared to a mac.

*I’ll update this article with time.