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Certainly, When you have a transparent case, there is a need to light up your system components inside the case if you want to brag about your latest build computer. Now, latest motherboards have lights on the board itself. and new motherboards offer Aura Sync and RGB fusion like features to sync all lights in a pc case. Most noteworthy, you can simply change the colors of your rams, motherboard LEDs, GPUs, AIO Cooler, and all accessories in a single click.

Aigo MR12 series of RGB fans offers Gamers cheap Aura sync features. These fans feature rubber vibration dampers on each corner. Fans can be controlled using a remote controller and 8-way RGB fan hub with 2 connectors for RGB Strips and you can also change fan speed using the remote. Honestly, These fans are a huge upgrade for the previous series of fans as these fans offer better build quality, inherit all color modes from the previous series and come with Aura Sync in the controller.

Color and Speed Modes

Aigo MR12 have beautiful rainbow color wave effect similar to Aigo DR12. Similarly, It matches perfectly with the wave effect on the MSI Lightning X 1080 Ti. Similarly, Colorwise these fans have 7 different modes, Skyblue, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and an additional mode which cycles through all the colors. Moreover, no color glitch animation in these fans, unlike Aigo DR12. While the Aigo DR12 is sometimes stuck between two color modes.

3x Aigo MR12 RGB + Controller with MB Sync
3x Aigo DR12 RGB + Controller 3X SP120 RGB + Controller3x HD120 RGB + Controller3x Ring 12 RGB + Controller3xNZXT Aer RGB120+ Controller
Fan Size120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm
Connection cable6 pin6-pin3-pin4-pin PWM4-pin PWM4-pin PWM
Bearing typeHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicFluid Dynamic Bearing
Speed (RPM)1300RPM1200RPM1400RPM800-1725RPM800 ~ 1500 R.P.M500-1,500 RPM
Bundled controller unitYesYesYesYesYesYes
Price (US)$33$28$61.91$73.79$56.99$81.99

Furthermore, the controller also offers color mode options like Color wave, Double Flash, Flash, Star Light, and Rainbow.

MR12 vs DR12
Single MR12 Fan
Fan Controller
Corsair 750D

Fan Controller

The LEDs and the fan motors are powered by an RGB controller unit, which can, to power up to 8 separate fans. Also, This unit comes with remote with 9 buttons on it for Colors, Modes, Brightness, and fan speed. luckily Remote performance is on par with the Aigo DR12 Fan controller. Moreover, I was able to change colors from a distance of about 12 feet and you don’t need to point it towards the controller.

Fans are silent and have a max speed of 1300RPM. Even 3 fans all together are quieter than the Corsair H80iGT’s 2 radiator fans. Furthermore, You can use it with liquid cooling radiators with any issue of high temperatures. I was getting 35-40C in winter using these fans while on stock fans temperatures stays around 30C. Consequently, It’s Corsair fans which have no comparison for the Aigo fans in terms of speeds and Airflow. Moreover, Corsair fans can hit 2435 RPM while Aigo MR12 can go as high as 1300RPM.

Speed Test

The fan speed of the MR12 fans is greater than the Aigo DR12 fans. So there is around 25% increase in the Airflow when you switch to MR12. Also, MR12 fans have fewer fan blades but blades are rigid and have better edge design which results in high airflow and speed. Hence, Airflow of these fans is 34.34CFM, half as compared to Corsair H80’s fans.


Fans have the awesome build quality and Dual Ring RGB LEDs. Also, there are total 12 addressable RGB on both sides which makes possible some new light effects. Probably the prime features of this package are an Aura sync controller. Above all you don’t have to point the remote towards controller for working, and you can change colors using your Bios or Motherboard Utility. Moreover, you get 3 RGB fans with one controller that supports up to 8 fans sometimes and 4 RGB LED Strips in only 33$.