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Aigo DR12 RGB Led Fans Review

Aigo DR12 RGB Led Fans Review


These days RGB is becoming more and more popular among the youth who are into PC gaming. Now even motherboards have RGB headers for customizing the color accent of your gaming Rig. You can install fans, water pumps or strip with RGB or even WRGB using your motherboard connectors. It’s also possible to change the colors while you’re in windows. Some companies allow changing colors over wifi using your smartphone.

Aigo DR12 series of RGB fans, Gamers can change their PCs color scheme between a wide range of color options at the mere click of a button. Aigo DR12 features rubber vibration dampers on each corner but there is no option to change the fan speed. Fans can be controlled using a remote controller and 8-way RGB fan hub with 4 connectors for RGB Strip, but you cannot change colors through your PC or software package.

Color and Speed Modes

Aigo DR12 have beautiful rainbow color wave effects. It matches perfectly with the wave effect on the MSI Lightning X 1080 Ti. Colour wise these fans have 7 different modes, Skyblue, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and an additional mode which cycles through all the colors. Colors accuracy is not that good, some colors are washed out like orange looks like peachy red. Sometime glitch happens and the controller stops changing colors. and it is stuck between 2 colors animation modes. Mostly happens when you want the color to be white. This can be fixed by resetting the controller.

Product 7x Aigo DR12 RGB + Controller with Strip 3X SP120 RGB + Controller 3x HD120 RGB + Controller 3x Ring 12 RGB + Controller 3xNZXT Aer RGB120+ Controller
Fan Size 120mm 120mm 120mm 120mm 120mm
Connection cable 6-pin 3-pin 4-pin PWM 4-pin PWM 4-pin PWM
Bearing type Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Fluid Dynamic Bearing
LEDs 12 4 12
Speed (RPM) 1200RPM 1400RPM 800-1725RPM 800 ~ 1500 R.P.M 500-1,500 RPM
Bundled controller unit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price (US) $56 $61.91 $73.79 $56.99 $81.99

The controller also offers color mode options like Breathing, Rotation, Radial Color Fillup, Rotation Gradient, Color chasing, Rotating Water, Colorful Transition and Color Wave.

Fan Controller

The LEDs and the fan motors are powered by an RGB controller unit, which can be used to power up to 8 separate fans. This unit comes with remote with several buttons on it for colors, modes, Brightness, and effect speed. Remote is much better as compared to Aigo Z5 fans. I was able to change colors from a distance of about 12 feet and you don’t need to point it towards the controller.

Fans are silent and have a max speed of 1200RPM. Even 5 fans all together are quieter than the Corsair H80iGT’s 2 radiator fans. You can use it with liquid cooler radiators but at the high workload, temperatures will be slightly higher due to comparatively low fan speed.

Speed Test

Fan speed is in between the speed of Aigo C5 RGB fans, but it’s much better than the Aigo Z6 fans. I did a small test by placing 3 candles in front of the fans at a distance of 4ft. The fan was able to blow off 2 candles out of three. Airflow was reaching around 4 ft but it wasn’t strong enough to blow off the third candle.


Fans have the awesome build quality and Dual Ring RGB LEDs. There are total 12 addressable RGB on both sides which makes possible some new light effects. The top-notch features of this package are a remote controller. You don’t have to point the remote towards controller for working. Moreover, you get 7 RGB fans, 2 one ft WRGB Strips with one controller that supports up to 8 fans and 4 WRGB Strips in only 58$.