Aigo Z6 RGB Led Fans Review

Aigo Z6 RGB Led Fans Review

  • Limited Color Modes
  • Speed of fans below average
  • Remote don’t work if not pointed towards controller
  • Great Feature for this Price
  • Fans are quiet
  • Colors are bright
  • RGB Rings on Both Sides.
  • comes with a remote

As you know the evolution of Gaming hardware have produced new Processors and Graphic cards every year. There is also need to manage the temperature of hardware as they run hot at high loads. Similarly to keep the airflow at ambient temperature, Fans are employed in the computer cases.

Fans have changed a lot, but in the past few years, the only improvement is made into fan speed and airflow which are invisible to end users.

Today most gamers enjoy frequently changing several aspects of their system, especially the color and external aesthetic of their PCs. Now, a lot of companies are using RGB LEDs, allowing your PC hardware to be colored to your desired visuals.

Aigo Z6 series of RGB fans are equipped with dual aura light effects, both of the sides can show you a superior LED illumination effect even in daylight.

Color and Speed Modes

Fans can be controlled using IR remote and 10-way RGB fan hub, but cannot be controlled through your PC or software package. You don’t have full RGB colors but you have enough colors to match any color scheme. Colour wise these fans have 15 different colors, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and white. Aigo Z6 features rubber vibration dampers on each corner but there is no option for fan speed control.

Product 3x Aigo Z6 120 RGB +Controller 3x SP120 RGB +Controller 3x HD120 RGB +Controller 3x Ring 12 RGB + Controller 2x NZXT Aer RGB120+ Controller
Fan Size 120mm 120mm 120mm 120mm 120mm
Connection cable  4-pin PWM 3-pin 4-pin PWM 4-pin PWM 4-pin PWM
Bearing type Fluid Bearing Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Fluid Dynamic Bearing
LEDs 4 12
Speed (RPM) 1200RPM 1400RPM 800-1725RPM 800-1500RPM 500-1,500RPM
Bundled controller unit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price (US) $38.70 $69.99 $89.99 $95.99 $79.99

The controller also offers colour mode options like White Breathing, Flash, Smooth and Fade.

The LEDs and the fan motors are powered by RGB controller unit, which can be used to power up to 8 separate fans. This unit has no buttons on it. You can change the colors through the IR remote of the controller. Remote have 24 buttons on it which includes on and off buttons with additional Color and Modes Buttons. The fan controller is connected to the 4 Pin 12V input line.

Fans are silent and have the max speed of 1200RPM. No fan speed control in the remote. You can change the brightness and effects. You can use it with liquid cooler radiators but at the high workload, temperatures will be slightly higher due to comparatively low fan speed. Fans speed is also slow as compared to Aigo C5 RGB fans.




Fans overall look satisfactory and have a lot of color modes to offer at low price point. IR remote is the best feature so you don’t have to open the case to change color or modes. Although you have to align the remote with the IR receiver for working. You get 3 RGB fans with one controller and remote that supports up to 8 fans in only 38.70$. One can compromise on the fan speed considering the other features of the Fans and controller. Lights are bright and you have dual Aura which lightens up both outside and inside of your computer case.

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