Homage Inverter Tron Duo Review

Inverters are now equipped with a lot of features.  Most of the inverters have LCD display to show important information. Different colored lights are also employed in the inverters. There is another most important feature is the inclusion of Solar Charge controller in the inverter main body. Other fail safe feature are overcharging, overloading, Short circuit protection, low battery alarm, low battery shutdown and over temperature protection. It should also protect against inverse battery terminal installation. I myself connected cables to opposite PV terminals but everything was safe and sound, even the wires stayed there for several minutes.

Homage Tron Duo

Homage Inverter – Tron Duo

Homage has a variety of models available. Some can only be used with battery while others have built-in charge controllers. Homage Tron duo is the inverter that have built-in solar charger controller. The different models of Tron Duo series are mentioned below.

  1. HTD-1011 SCC  (800W, Solar Capacity 500W)
  2. HTD-1211 SCC (1000W, Solar Capacity 600W)
  3. HTD-2011 SCC  (1600W, Solar Capacity 1000W)
  4. HTD-2211 SCC  (1800W, Solar Capacity 1200W)

The model under consideration is Homage inverter Tron Duo HTD-1211 SCC. It has a capacity of 1000W while also offering a Solar capacity of 600W. It can support 6 Tube Lights or 16 Energy Savers and 6 Fans.


Homage inverter has a pretty decent box and packing. Inside the box, there is one power cable,  some user manuals and the inverter itself.


Inverter looks sleek and compact with blue light on the top and some fine curves edge design. The size is almost equal to an Xbox One S or PS4 Slim.

Inverter Design

Inverter is small with a  rectangular shaped body.  Screen display shows all important information related to load and equipment. There are 4 buttons beside the LCD display; bigger Power button, Settings, Select and Enter. Blue light on the top of inverter can be turned off and on from the settings.


There are air vents on all the sides. On the back, you have high rpm fan which makes no noise at idle or while charging. Fan noise is detectable at higher loads only.

Homage Tron Duo


Inverter features solar power of 600W that means you can connect 600W solar panels with it in either series or parallel. Make sure the solar panel capacity is not more that the prescribed limit. Inverter has solar power connectors at the back. You can connect cables thereby removing the screws.

The overall capacity of the inverter under consideration is 1000W. I was able to achieve a maximum of 500-600W usage in the office with my computer turned on.

You can set the charging priority to either solar or utility. Or you can select both for charging. Same is the case with usage priority if solar is set as a priority the inverter will use energy from solar panels to power all the load connected unless the solar power is unable to support the load. When it is out of Solar capacity it will use the battery to assist. In case, the load is higher than the capacity of both battery and solar, the inverter will use utility (AC) source.

In the daytime, if your load is high, it will keep on switching from solar to utility and vice versa. I’ll suggest to keep it away from the busy room so you can’t hear the sounds –  it’s really annoying. I bought the inverter mainly for computer and it was able to run computer even on solar power only –  thanks to the 600W built-in charge controller.

Reasons to avoid homage solar Inverter

There are a lot of benefits of the solar inverter as discussed earlier but there are certain issues too. When you’re powering everything with solar and suddenly you have cloudy weather the inverter will shift to the battery and sometimes it trips when the load is out of capacity.

There are certain security features in the inverter which prove to be a disaster sometime. Like it trips on small or undetectable short circuits. Another thing I noticed you can’t use this invert with any other inverter in your home. Maybe there is some back current flow due to wiring. Probably you’ll not face some of these issues but I thought I should mention everything.


When looking for an inverter always calculate your expected maximum load, So your inverter can support it. Solar charger controller is the best feature so far as in our country solar energy is abundant. So Solar power will keep your equipment on in daytime even if you have several hours of power outage. It can also charge the batteries even if there is no utility (AC Source) available. Solar power can also save money from consuming less electricity in the daytime.

57 Comments Homage Inverter Tron Duo Review

  1. Audrey

    I currently bought a tronduo 2011, it triples wen I connect my defy fridge even if I disconnect all other appliances. What can possibly cause this?

  2. Yasir munir

    Hi… Aoa bhai mery pass homage tron duo 1211 hai.. Yani 600 wat solar capicity wlaa.. Kia main is pr 150 wat wali 2 plates b lga skta hn ya phr lazmi 600 watt pora krny k lye mjhy 4 plate lgani parain ge? Plzzz rply kr dain ma confused hn..

    1. Zahid

      Hi there,
      I have homage inverter UPS I attached 4 solar penal before the solar penal was show on the UPS screen now I forget the settings and it doesn’t show the penal on screen kindly let me know how to bring back the solar penal setting/picture on screen.

    2. Faizan Khalid

      ASSALAMUALAIKUM Bhai mere pas 5kw inverter he homage ka par jab sun khoob tez b ho tab b us ke LCD me PV input me 1.2Kw se ziada nahi ata mean ke sikar se 1200 W ate he maximum to me Kia karu ke ye 3000 KW to kam se kam de

  3. mohsin saeed

    I have inverter of toron duo 1011 acc
    My question are….

    Q1. how many voltage of sollar pannel can use with it.. 12 or 24 or 36 or 48….
    I am using 1 battery 12 volts with it…

    Q2. Can I use 24 volts ( two Batteries) with this device….
    please reply and help me…

      1. Qabil

        Bahi meet pass ye but alarm deta hy Kaya Karo k ye alarm band ho jay thanks please reply me as soon as possible

  4. Tauseef Ahmed

    Asslam u Alaikum..

    I have installed the device Homage HTD 1211 Scc.. But after fully charging of Battery the Fan is always in Running mode.. Please advise either is it by default or had some issue?

  5. zulfiqar abbasi

    Sir Mere pas homage 1211 due 1000 watts hai us main subah ke time solar plates ka issue aa raha hai error code 13 plz guide me

  6. prince

    my dear brother ,
    i want to ask you about homage 800 watt inverter .
    the charghing ( green singe) show 0.5/s than 0.5 and again than after 4 secnd, whan I read this problum frome manual it means changing off mode please. tell the setting.

  7. Zahoor Haider

    Me ek sal se model 1211 use kraha hon or ab me solar panels lagana chahta hon to is me Jo turndue system he is p pannal p capacity 600 watts he is matlab kya he kya ye sirf charging k liye solar use karega ya solar ko priority dega or light hone k bawajod Jo equipment inverter se connected hen ye unko bhi chaliga matlab agr solar se 600 watts mil rhe hen or use 400 watts hen to kya ye equipment chalne k sath sath battery bhi charge kare ga or please clear guide Karen k light ki mojoodgi me iska function kya hoga or light Jane ki sorat me ye kese kam karega

  8. Azam

    Hope you are doing well.
    Can you give me the prices of all these models of Homage inverters which you mentioned in this post.

  9. azim

    asslam u allaikum bro.
    yar mery pass homeage 1000w ka inverter hai aur 6 pannal lgy huy 150w k
    issue # 1
    3 bjy solar off ho jata
    issue # 2
    bettry back up bht kam hai iverter py. agr me ups change kr back up leta hu to 6 7 hour back up ata aur homeage k unverter sy 1 hour b mushkil sy ata
    issue # 3
    iska low battery cut off kitny py hota?
    ap apny number sy mjy msg kr dijye ga me khud bat kr lu ga ap sy. bro
    hu to me b mechanical engineer…

  10. Jamal.haider

    Homeage solar inverter torn 12v with 3 pannels of 150W in parallel.

    Plz make me understand can i go with series? installation rither i have 12v UPS? and which connection is more efficent series or parallel?


      If you’ve 12V Solar Inverter, You can only connect Batteries or Solar Panels in parralel. If you connect in series, it will make voltage 24V or higher which will certainly cause failure.

      1. Wisam AQ

        Hey muaaz. Nice article.
        I have bought a new homage tron duo 800 watts. It’s working great but this week overload alarm comes twice when on charging. I really have no idea why it is so. I just pressed power button and it went out works fine.
        Kindly share the possible issues.

        Thanks a lot

  11. Turab Ali

    AOA I have a homage inverter TRQN duo HTD-1011 scc last day in my home one energy saver is short, when I have on this the main bracker was trip, and inverter is giving error no 3, I have replace the light, but the inverter still gives error 3 and not going to backup (battery) mode. What should I do?

    1. Imran

      I have homage tron duo HTD-1211scc model and also have new battery when it charged the battery. The ups will not stop its ventilation small fan and It is on continously like 24/7.
      So kindly tell me this kind of ups will continously on or it will stop when battery is charged.

  12. Adnan Ahmad Tahir

    Dear Muaaz. Thanks for a nice blog.
    I have just installed “HTD-1011 SCC (800W, Solar Capacity 500W)”. I want to install solar panels. Do I need a device to convert from DC to AC before connecting solar panels to Homage Inverter? Or it has already this device inside UPS inverter?
    Adnan Ahmad Tahir

  13. Hafiz

    Dear Muaaz
    Can i use AC load(Fan ,lights)direct from inverter not from battery during battery charging .i am using 500w solar plates, 200ah, with htd-1011scc


      Fault code 5 if Battery Voltage High. Make sure to use battery as specified. If you connect 2 batteries in series with 12V Inverter (HTD 1011SCC and 1211SCC) this fault will appear.

      1. Naeem Akhtar

        Pls inform us to this 800w inverter use only lead acid battery or also use with lead Crystal battery even both are same 12v 100AH

  14. Saqib

    Mery ups homage HTD 1011 ki lcd display shi nazr ny ata light zyada kahan sy hogi please tell me.03345318414 saqib

  15. Asad Ali Shah

    I’ve purchased htd 3012 scc model. Unfortunately,it didn’t work for me at all. Soon after its initial few days usage,it became dead. I claimed to get it serviceable from local R&I station. But they said it was beyond their capacity and they sent the same unit to Karachi. The unit was kept there for two months (awaiting parts) and finally decided to replace it for me with a new one. But it went unserviceable too for the same problem. The unit is at this moment held in Karachi, awaiting parts.
    Are these inherent issues with this particular model or that I’m unlucky.

  16. Muhammad Ashraf Bhatti

    please describe in detail push button setting of homage trons duo 1000 watt with solar panel 300 watt

      1. Aamirr

        Muaaz bhai plz guide us regarding settings and icons on the screen we cant understand what is happening by pressing the button plz plz

        1. Faizan Khalid

          ASSALAMUALAIKUM Bhai mere pas 5kw inverter he homage ka par jab sun khoob tez b ho tab b us ke LCD me PV input me 1.2Kw se ziada nahi ata mean ke sikar se 1200 W ate he maximum to me Kia karu ke ye 3000 KW to kam se kam de

  17. Kamran

    Erour no 11 and then come euror no 16 what is problems…every 2 seconds beeping..plz reply thanks

  18. Farhan

    HOMAGE HTD-1211 – Tron Duo Ups Inverter – Please let me know if i am not installing solar panels then what bettery size is required to achieve full load for atleast 3hr backup.
    Also let me know the cost of solar panel you have installed and where can i get it?


    1. MUAAZ

      Battery Size Calculation

      For Example:
      Load = 1000W
      UPS Input = 12V
      Required Runtime = 3 hours
      UPS Efficiency/Power Factor = 70% or 0.7 (this should be used if you don’t want to estimate it)
      Battery type = Lead-Acid (So runtime factor of 2)
      Load Current for 1 hour = (Runtime Factor x Load) / (UPS Efficiency x UPS Input) = 3 x 1000/ (0.7*12) = 357.14 A
      Load Current for 3 hours = Answer x 3 = 357.14 x 3 = 1071.429 Ah
      Now that we know our current usage for 3 hours, calculating the battery size is easy. We need batteries with a size of 1071.429 Ah which is not available so we’ll use 4 or 5 Batteries in parallel if your UPS input voltage are 12V.
      We can get 250 Ah batteries and a parallel connection will keep the voltage at 12V.

    1. MUAAZ

      Sorry, I don’t have digital copy. Check their website or let me know if you’ve any specific query. I’ll check it and get back to you.

  19. Waheed Ur Rehman

    Nice review. I am confused here, mine 1600w same inverter fan is always loud, whether in charging, idle or on battery power. I have 2 batteries attached to it, loading shedding is only 2-3 hours nowadays in my area. Can you please confirm again, yours inverter fan stop getting loud after charging?


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